Zack Tabudlo’s ‘Binibini’ serenades us with a reimagined kundiman

Zack Tabudlo is rewriting kundiman with a contemporary pop flair on his latest single, ‘Binibini,’ out today on various streaming platforms via Island Records Philippines/MCA Music Inc.

Symbolizing love as dance, the young producer/singer-songwriter penned ‘Binibini’ at the peak of a romantic relationship with a former flame. “She was the binibini that I would dance with in the middle of the rain, in the middle of a chaos, or whatever’s happening around us,” Tabudlo references the inspiration behind the song. “I would dance/love her no matter what.”

According to Zack, ‘Bininibi’ is more than a simple crush, or a cliché situation. He likens the song to the mutual connection between two persons romantically swept away with each other, but are “waiting for the right moment to say what they feel.”

Tabudlo reflects, “Despite of what everyone says or what problems the two of you are facing in life, the both of you will be there for each other and will always be behind each other in every situation there is.” His new track ‘Binibini’ encompasses that kind of reassuring love that goes beyond idealistic.

Musically, “Binibini” incorporates a touch of kundiman with a modern singer-songwriter flair, capturing a uniquely arresting sound that tells a story from a confessional standpoint: raw, earnest, and teeming with emotional honesty. Tabudlo also tackles a classic ‘90s alt rock sound going through the bridge with familiar-sounding guitar effects and melodies to complement the vibe of the material.

“I did the writing, production, and mixing and mastering just like my other songs,” the acclaimed artist tells in a statement. “This was a bit different because of the kundiman vibe to it that I've never done before with a personal song. It had that chill, laid-back, in love - happy moments kind of feel to it.”

Zack Tabudlo’s ‘Binibini’ is out on all digital platforms worldwide via Island Records Philippines, a division of MCA Music Inc.

About Zack Tabudlo

Zack Tabudlo is an alt-pop RnB artist from Manila, Philippines. He hit the ground running when he began his music career, becoming a finalist for reality talent show Talentadong Pinoy at the age of 10. He was a contestant for the voice kids season 1, and had a stint as a member of youth singing group GRAVITY, and one half of teen pop duo Zack and Fritz.

When it comes to music production, Zack has certainly earned his stripes. Under the mentorship of Jonathan Ong and Chris Anthony Vinzons of Sonic State Studio, Zack continued to hone his techniques and sensibilities. He was also mainly mentored by Cleng Saturno – son of Vehnee Saturno.

Among his influences are contemporary pop chart-toppers Charlie Puth, Harry Style & Island Records labelmate Shawn Mendes. But Zack approaches the genre of pop with his own distinct approach. His artistry can be characterized as a tasteful blend of R&B, soft rock, funk and vocally driven pop.

With a slew of catchy singles under his belt, all leading up to what’s looking to be a promising full-length in the future, the young musician is gaining momentum. His hustle may have been riding below the radar, but one can expect 2021 to be Zack’s year.

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