Wovensound, rapper Ihasamic!, and alt-pop songstress Jeena drops new single 'Lonely Shores'

Acclaimed producer Wovensound, rapper Ihasamic!, and alt-pop songstress Jeena have recently teamed up for a song about two lost souls crying for help as they struggle to find their place in a world that invalidates their feelings and actions.

Released under Umami Records, “Lonely Shores” comes from a place of emotional pain and confusion—a track written by Ihasamic! in his attempt to “reflect on times where we sometimes like to hold on to things that hurt us.”

Framed with cinematic production and ethereal calm, the collaborative effort from Singapore’s finest musicians tackles mental and emotional health with a level of sensitivity that is often unheard of in contemporary hip-hop/R&B releases—for most of its existence.

“I wrote it with the story in mind of someone who feels like he's drowning, trying so hard by himself to stay afloat, not knowing what's the payoff at the end,” the Singapore-based rapper shares. “I wrote it thinking I was writing a story unrelated. But upon revisiting the material when we were filming the music video for it, I realized that I may have been voicing out the situation I was going through within myself, unknown to me at the point of writing.”

Exploring the everyday struggles of someone dealing with uncertainty and issues in life, “Lonely Shore” lives up to its title: the sentiments flow and lead to uncharted paths, navigating loneliness as if it were a solitary conquest that sees no end and direction. On a production standpoint, Wovensound meticulously captures these feelings in his music: “This was a little instrumental I made while it was raining outside and the original demo actually had rain sounds throughout it,” the eclectic producer said. “It then evolved into the sounds of the shore when the concept behind the song became more concrete.”

“Lonely Shores” also features upcoming indie artist Jeena, whose ethereal singing style adds a layer of introspection to the track’s overall appeal.

Listen to “Lonely Shores” via Umami Records: www.umamirecords.sg/lonely-shores/

About Wovensound

Hailing from the underground metal scene of Singapore, Wovensound (Vinod Dass) decided to establish this moniker in order to pay tribute to his love for other forms of music, mainly hiphop and rap. Taking on production duties and collaborating extensively he weaves his love for music with other artists, producing something unique every time.

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About Ihasamic!

A New Media Art Director by profession, Ihasamic! (Muhammad IbnuNordin) usually creates and conceptualizes visual pieces as his dayjob and hobby, which is explored sonically through his music along with poetry and creative writing. His influences are vast and many but seem to come into focus through the rap and hip hop music he creates.

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About jeena

jeena is a South Korean 19-year-old artist based in Singapore. Currently still a college student, the singer songwriter aspires to make music filled with her own stories and personal voice. Inspired by various music styles from pop to r&b, jazz and even fresh icons in the indie scene, jeena hopes to experiment in this new realm of music-making and create songs that showcase not only her voice but also her own unique artistry.

About Umami Records

Umami Records is a Singapore-based indie record label founded in 2013. Much like the “5th taste” reputation of its namesake, the label strongly believes in discovering new, interesting sounds that run underground and away from the mainstream. The label’s tight-knit, curated roster includes releases from Linying, The Steve McQueens, brb., Evanturetime, CampFire, Martin Baltser, Phoria, Oriental Cravings, and more.

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