Sanjeev T moves to Lo-fi soundscape in new single

Singer Composer Sanjeev T recently released his new single 'Not a love song' from his upcoming album 'Future'.

Says Sanjeev, 'The album 'Future' is a lo-fi landscape of sampled and live sounds, expressing the emotional condition of a human mind during this planetary lock down. 'Not a Love Song' presents a space clouded by conditioning yet discovering new truths towards an uncertain future. The song features Native Indian, a spoken word artist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, who I befriended while asking for collaborators on this track through social media. With Lo-fi Chill hop vibes, the album promises a fresh sound and a reflection of these times.'

Watch interview with Sanjeev T here.

'This lock down presented its own limitations both to collaborate and be creative. The art of sampling inspired me to discover new sounds to express these new feelings, reinventing my own understanding of Hip Hop and Lo-fi music. I was fortunate to find Native Indian, who seamlessly fit into the vibe.'

The album cover art is by Raya Sarkar.