Sami Chohfi releases new song filmed in India

Dirty Your Soul is the third single release from International Singer-Songwriter Sami Chohfi. While Sami Chohfi is based in Seattle, he is undeniably a modern citizen of the world. 

Written in Lisbon, Portugal and filmed across India, Dirty Your Soul is a reminder that even though life is hard, we must know and truly believe that a better tomorrow awaits.

The song was written in Lisbon in early 2019 in just one hour. However the music video was filmed across India in 10 days during Holi Festival 2020. Some of the locations in this music video include the majestic New Rangji Mandir temple in Vrindavan, the colorful Patrika Gate in Jaipur, and the Old Delhi Spice Market.

A still from the music video 'Dirty your soul'

Sami's Personal Notes about the song: "Walking the streets of Lisbon I heard a street musician playing a beautiful song. In a crowd of people I was the only one who seemed to be listening. This reminded me of how being an artist can be a lonely journey. When we reveal our souls all we want is to connect with others and be accepted".

Available in English, Portuguese and Hindi on YouTube, the video was directed by Sao Paulo photographer Alexandre Suplicy.

His debut solo album, 'Extraordinary World', was written across six countries over the last two years. From his journeys across the globe, as a brand ambassador for the apparel and lifestyle company, Be Good to People®, to tours with his band Blue Helix across his family's native country of Brazil, Chohfi’s songwriting has the unmistakable cross of a rock upbringing spun with influences picked up while traveling the world.

Blending alternative rock with acoustic songwriting, 'Extraordinary World' showcases Chohfi's ability to inspire his listeners by transporting them into the majestic scenes he’s witnessed over the past few years, whether in Brazil, Cambodia, France, India, Kenya or The Philippines. 

"With every song being born in a different part of the planet, the one thing I can tell you is we are not as different as we think," Chohfi says. "I am constantly reminded how all people just want to fit in, be loved, and be understood. This album is a culmination of the last two years of my life and the beautiful interactions with people I have treasured.” says Sami.