Ruhee Ahamed voices matters of the heart in her debut single

by Ranjini Achuthan

Ruhee Ahamed is on a path of self-discovery. She feels that her songwriting process always ends up creating music that has a mood of pensive contemplation. Riding high, with her 6-year-old dream finally coming true, this versatile singer-songwriter, vocal coach and voiceover artist from Bengaluru with roots in Kannur, Kerala, has successfully launched the first single from her upcoming debut EP Things I Have To Say.

Named Maybe I’m Foolish, the track is already part of various playlists across streaming platforms and has garnered rave reviews from listeners and critics alike.

Essentially a ballad that ruminates about a bittersweet love that was and what could have been, Maybe I’m Foolish was written at a time when she had to witness a painful experience that one of her closest friends had to brave. This single and the EP as a whole is an invitation to accept our darker thoughts that plague us from time to time instead of constantly ignoring or pushing them away, says Ruhee.

Cover credits:

Photography: Ameen Abdulah

Styling and make-up: Wardha Ahamed

Art: Sherina Siraj

Ruhee, who has been passionate about singing for most part of her life, diversified into songwriting as an organic response to enduring some of her own personal tragedies. Creating music, therefore, according to her, is the most honest endeavor she has undertaken as a creative individual, one that helps her learn to broaden her perspectives about relationships, personal journeys, trials, battles lost and struggles fought.

For her first single, Ruhee deploys an arrangement involving keyboard tones, guitar and bass that has a very vintage, retro, R&B vibe to it. She is grateful for the associations she has sought and worked with, for the track. “The songwriting process usually involves me and my keyboardist Thomas Israel working together to write and arrange respectively. For this track, we got the brilliant Michael Antony Dias (Mad Orange Fireworks fame) on board for guitars and Prashanth Gnanamuthu on bass duties. The song has been produced jointly by Akshaj Balaji and me. I have also written the lyrics for the song."

In spite of the lockdown and the delay in the release it caused, Ruhee says that Spacebot Recording Studio in Bengaluru helped her accomplish the task without too many hassles. The mixing engineer for the song is Sumesh Nayadi and mastering has been done by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering, California.

Ruhee is excited about charting her own independent career after a prominent stint in the indie scene as part of the famous Bryden & Parth ensemble for almost 4 years and collaborating with famous bands like Agam, Lagori, Bennet & the Band, The Riverman Band and Slain.