'Rock n Roll is here to stay'

We talked to Girish Pradhan, Vocalist and Guitarist of Girish and the Chronicles (GATC) about their newly released album.

Tell us about 'Rock the Highway'. How did this whole idea come about? 

It all started with us releasing our song 'Rock The Highway' in 2018 New Year’s Eve. We got a lot of good reviews from all over the world and soon were approached by a label as well. We were anyway planning on releasing a new album and had recorded a couple of songs. Associating with Lion’s Pride music, a record label from Denmark helped us have a deadline.

Which one is your personal favourite from the album? 

For performing live it’s 'Identity Crisis', but listening to, it would be 'Every night like tonight' and 'She’s Heavy Metal'. Wait that’s three songs. 

What was the experience like, collaborating with the Legendary Rock Guitarist Rowan Robertson (Ex Dio guitarist?

It was really great. I was thrilled at first since he had no idea that we were in the process of recording an album. Soon after a few weeks of chat, I asked him if he was comfortable giving us a solo in one of our songs and he was kind enough to say yes. Really down to earth and a humble guy. It’s like finding a calm older brother! 

How do you feel the Pandemic has impacted the album release? 

It hasn’t affected anything in the virtual world. However, yes promotional gigs wise, it has badly taken its toll. 

What are your thoughts on the Post Corona era of the independent music industry? 

Not sure. It always had a life of its own. One things for sure, the use of live features of the social media has greatly increased and I feel everyone will join the bandwagon and it might become a new source of revenue for a lot the artists. I’m sure new features, watching concerts on virtual glasses and all that might be in order. Of course, all these things were already there, but the lockdown really has made people dependent on these things for entertainment.

As far as GATC goes, the video releases, the album release has all changed a lot of things. Our YouTube and social media reach has increased way more. The rock/metal community across the world have greatly helped spread the word and our music. Even saw that the album was ranked #1 in iTunes Indian charts, Amazon Music etc. Well having said that, can’t wait to hit the stage once again! Till then, see you in the virtual world! 

Album: Rock The Highway

Band: Girish and the Chronicles

Release date: April 27, 2020

Label: Lion's Pride Music

Genre: Hard Rock

Track Listing

  1. Rock The Highway

  2. Every Night Like Tonight

  3. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Here To Stay

  4. The Distance Between

  5. The Sikkimese Dream

  6. Bad Shepherd

  7. She’s Heavy Metal

  8. The Rebel

  9. Trapped Inside A Mirror

  10. Wounded

  11. Tears Of The Phoenix

  12. Identity Crisis.