Pseutopia's new single 'Free Lunch' is an anthem for the oppressed

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Interview with Pseutopia. By Sreedevi Manohar

Pseutopia’s explosive new release Free lunch is an anthem for the oppressed. What was the inspiration behind the song?

The narrative of the leaders across the globe always remains the same in our perspective. Irrespective of the country in question, be it the USA, India or any other country across the world, politics and other divisive factors often play a major role in dividing the population and creating discord. Through Free lunch we want the world to know that It's time we see through this game and unite to stop the endless loss of lives we suffer due to this greed that’s blatantly on display.

The narrative of the song draws a parallel between various fascist regimes across the globe and signals towards an impending rebellion. What is the message you want the audience to take home?

Our intent was in no way to signal a rebellion but more so to expose the brutal power games that we inherently get pulled into. An urgent call to action is definitely warranted. We are just appealing to the people to see through these games of divide and rule that they play to remain in power. The irony is that this has been going on forever. We are asking our listeners to not follow the narratives blindly, to think for themselves and to see what’s going on. Open your eyes and see!

It has been a year since Pseutopia’s last release Crooked Nose and Seasons. What prompted the absence? What have the band members been up to in the meantime?

Yes, it’s been a long time. Our initial plan was to release more songs in 2020, but we all know how this year has been. So we took some time to adapt to our new circumstances and after adjusting to the new world we live in, we could finally go back to working on the rest of the songs for the album. We are hoping that the upcoming releases are prompt and do not have such prolonged gaps in between them as was the case this time around.

After the success of Seasons, this is the second time you have collaborated with Dave Abbruzzese. What makes the combination of Dave Abbruzzese and Pseutopia work so well?

The short answer to this is that we love the same kind of music and we come from the same lineage of music. Dave is a powerhouse drummer and in our opinion the most explosive drummer Pearl Jam has ever had. He brings a certain energy to the songs that is unparalleled. We like to believe that our songs ooze the same energy and that is what makes for a near perfect match.

The comment section of your YouTube channel is flooded with requests for an album. Is that in the charts? What is next for Pseutopia?

We are working on our first album currently and intend to release it really soon. The songs for the album have been ready for a while and we are wrapping up productions as we speak. We are hoping to release it by the beginning of 2021.