New single 'Waking Waiting' by Berlin based Panteon

Berlin based singer-songwriter Yvonne Ambrée writes, records and produces all of her music under her moniker Panteon. Dropping her self-produced single Seven last year, the artist is back with her first release of 2021 in the form of Waking Waiting - a beautiful analysis of romantic turmoil.

Full of soft piano melodies and rhythmic guitars, Panteon allows herself to feel all the pain and heartbreak of a former relationship - the accompanying visualiser laying these fleeting moments out as scrapbook memories. Articulating heartache and grief with refreshing candour, her voice soars over the shimmering soundscape - settling into her new reality.

“‘Waking Waiting’ deals with the result of a miscommunication between two former lovers”, Panteon offers. “The days and weeks after a break up sometimes feel like a blurry vision (and version) of time and how it evolves. Some days it even feels like ‘time’ just stopped and you’re waiting for it to start again. Waiting to feel something again. You are waking up and waiting for the world to turn - to start making sense again. I wanted to create an almost meditative guitar pattern to dive into the emotion of dullness that one encounters when being heartbroken and settling into the new reality after all the anger, sadness and anxiety have vanished.”

An accomplished vocalist, songwriter and musician, Yvonne began her musical journey as Panteon in 2018 with her debut EP Travel Log 1. Writing, recording and producing all her music herself, she has rapidly showcased herself as a multi-talented artist, creating a sincere and relatable experience for the listener to lose themselves in.

With support from Wonderland, Atwood Magazine and PopMatters, “Waking Waiting” is further indication of Panteon’s expert musical ability.