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Multi-awarded P-Pop group SB19 releases highly anticipated new EP, PAGTATAG!

As SB19 approaches its fifth year anniversary, the iconic Filipino boy group dropped its much-awaited EP PAGTATAG! on June 9, 2023.

PAGTATAG! marks SB19’s commencement of a new era highlighted with a more mature and captivating mix of music. The highly anticipated EP is a musical testimony of the group’s journey and transformation since their humble beginnings in 2018.

The six-track EP is SB19’s boldest release yet, offering audiences unexplored genres and musical style with an immersive experience set to draw in listeners and keep them hooked. The group effortlessly delivers an EP packed with powerful emotions and messages, ready to shake listeners to the core.

PAGTATAG! includes “GENTO,” which completely sets the tone of the EP by putting the group’s transformational change, versatility, and confidence into the spotlight. Fans will be treated to an SB19-first, a soulful R&B piece – “I WANT YOU” – that unveils a deeper dimension of the group and puts on display their raw passions and emotions for the world to see. “CRIMZONE” presents the SB19’s signature hard-hitting beats, a homage to their struggles and triumphs as artists.

The EP also includes two profound ballads, “ILAW” and “LIHAM,” songs that are set to play with your emotions and seep deep into your skin. “FREEDOM” is SB19’s celebration anthem for a new era, celebrating life, fans, and a new chapter as a group.

While the release of PAGTATAG! is set to make waves, fans are in for another treat as the “I WANT YOU” music video drops on the same day. Heads will turn their way, as SB19 releases a more sensual and soulful music video never seen before. Fans will get a more intimate glimpse of SB19 as they experience this heart-stuttering new song. “I WANT YOU” is a poignant play at one’s aspirations, teasingly within reach.

PAGTATAG! without a doubt marks the beginning of a new era that is unapologetically SB19. This new era thrusts into the spotlight their evolution as artists and celebrates both their struggles and triumphs as a group. Firmly rooted on their beginnings, SB19 has grown into an internationally acclaimed musical sensation who continue to test and break limits with their unconventional sound and unbounded talent.

As PAGTATAG! is released into the world, fans can finally immerse in the groundbreaking, trendsetting sounds of SB19. A more exhilarating journey is yet to come as the group embarks on their second world tour. The award-winning group is set to kick-off their world tour at the Araneta Coliseum on June 24 and 25 and will have multiple stops in cities across the Philippines, United States, and Canada. Tickets are available through TicketNet outlets nationwide or through

Track info


GENTO places SB19’s bold talent and confidence into the spotlight, highlighting their strength and versatility as a group. The song offers a catchy word play, effortlessly weaving ganito (like this), ginto (gold), and gento, the Caviteño word for ganito. It delivers a powerful message of their growth as a group, after years of refinement—just like gold.

Performed by SB19

Composed by RADKIDZ (PABLO)

Produced by RADKIDZ (PABLO and josue) and Simon Servida


SB19 is bound to turn more heads their way as they confidently slip into the R&B genre and serve listeners a soulful, heart-stuttering new song. This immersive track unveils a deeper dimension of SB19 and puts on display their raw passion and emotions for the world to see. I WANT YOU is a poignant play at one’s aspirations, teasingly within reach.

Performed by SB19

Produced by August Rigo

Composed by August Rigo and RADKIDZ (PABLO)


SB19 invites you to break into the CRIMZONE, where excellence is never achieved without blood, sweat, and tears. SB19 presents their signature hard-hitting beats with CRIMZONE, a homage to their struggles and triumphs as artists. The overwhelmingly heavy beats are a symbolic reminder of hardship as they step into the zone and break boundaries. Are you ready to let crimson drip?

Performed by SB19

Produced by Simon Servida

Composed by RADKIDZ (PABLO and josue), FELIP, Josh Cullen


Too much light can be blinding—overwhelming even. Step out of the light with ILAW, a raw rendition of authenticity, vulnerability, and emotions.

Performed by SB19

Produced by Brian Lotho, Len Calvo, RADKIDZ (PABLO and josue)

Composed by RADKIDZ (PABLO)


SB19 will captivate audiences again as they deliver LIHAM, an honest expression of love and blessings. This profound ballad offers a depth of emotions and vocals that seep deep into your skin and lingers at your core. Vows are an intimate declaration of devotion and SB19, through this track, openly bares their soul.

Performed by SB19

Produced by Brian Lotho, Len Calvo, RADKIDZ (PABLO and josue)

Composed by RADKIDZ (PABLO)


FREEDOM is an upbeat track that celebrates just that—freedom, the breaking away from the trials and challenges, and stepping into a new era, PAGTATAG! This journey would not be complete without the people who stuck around for the long ride. It is a celebration of life, and SB19 celebrates you.

Performed by SB19

Produced by Oh Won Lee

Composed by RADKIDZ (PABLO and josue)



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