Lazie J releases 'Sunshine' in memory of John Anthony

Indian classic-rock band Lazie J recently released their single Sunshine in memory of guitar legend and former bandmate John Anthony.

The song gains significance in being one of the last songs which Indian Guitar legend John Anthony worked on before he passed away in January 2019. The song was first played on Music Mojo TV Show on Kappa TV when Lazie Bison a collaborative of Lazie J recorded its second Music Mojo Session. Lazie Bison had Canadian guitarist Evan Murray and Swedish bassist Johan Dereborn in the lineup.

One of the songs suggested by Lazie J wasn’t interesting enough to John Anthony, who insisted on bringing in a new song. Jay Pillai, Vocalist and Lyricist of the band, then came up with Sunshine which was written a couple of years ago. John was excited on listening to the song and completed the whole guitar works in just a few hours.

Lazie Bison performed the song on Music Mojo, after which Lazie J was about to record the same and release as a single. But the sudden untimely death of John Anthony stalled the process. Finally the song was recorded with Dilip Nair, a veteran guitarist and their latest band member, chipping in with the parts played by John Anthony, without fiddling too much with the riffs and solo.

Sunshine performed by Lazie Bison on Music Mojo

Sunshine got released through an Italy based Label called PA74 and is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen on Spotify here.