Hitesh Rikki Madan drops new single 'Gal Sunn Zara'

Sreedevi Manohar

Hitesh Rikki Madan's Gal Sunn Zara is a gentle reminder that the foundation of any “happily ever after” is always good old conversation. The soothing melody set within a leisurely soundscape explores the distance that creeps in between lovers because of all the things they leave unsaid and the efforts that go into mending these cracks. The video directed by ace fashion photographer- director Vishesh Verma, featuring Shivaani Sen compliments the essence of the song to perfection.

Gal Sunn Zara marks singer- songwriter and guitarist, Hitesh Rikki Madan's third venture into the independent music scene as a solo artiste after Vande India, an instrumental offering and Break ke baad, the title song of his upcoming album.

The music he creates is an honest soliloquy about the perils of modern living documenting all that he observes around him. He started his 25 year old musical journey in the 90’s with his band Canzona and went on to play the lead guitar for indie-pop legends , Euphoria. He currently juggles the roles of the frontman for his independent rock band Eka and his solo musical ventures with his duties as a founder/ mentor of his musical academy, ARIA.