Glass House Point drops new single 'All To Rest'

Pushing the boundaries of alternative music, four piece band Glass House Point are influenced by introspection, surrealism and ephemerality. Using their rich soundscapes to explore and dissect these complex issues, the quartet release their dreamy new single “All To Rest”.

Teeming with hazy guitar melodies, driving chords and glowing harmonies, “‘All To Rest’ wrestles with impermanence, and the idea that everything eventually comes to an end”, the band explains. “The song explores the experience of entering a new phase of life and processing the echoes of the past.”

The group’s meticulous songwriting and complex rhythmic arrangements effortlessly pull the listener into their glittering musical realm. Made up of Dylan Graham (vocals, guitar), Ian Campbell (bass, synth), Dylan Methot(guitar) and Jansen Valk (drums), the group formed in 2013 and quickly built a name for themselves across Florida’s rising music scene.

With their 2017 single “Creatures” earning them millions of streams to date, the quartet are working on the release of their third EP Verglas - collaborating with Copeland’s Aaron Marsh on the project’s production.

Gearing up to release their upcoming EP in April, “All To Rest”’s textured melodies and soaring synths put Glass House Point into a unique category of their own.