Gareth Fernandez teams up with Linying on the soulful ballad 'Could Have Been Us'

Gareth Fernandez returns with the spiritual successor to his 2019 hit, “Achilles,” and 2020’s heart-wrenching ballad, “Put You Through.”

His latest single “Could Have Been Us” is a soulful ballad that soars with sublime arrangements and emotionally resonant songwriting. The inimitable indie darling Linying (Sticky Leaves, Paris 12) co-wrote the song with Fernandez, and also lends her hauntingly beautiful vocals to the track.

With Shaykhandbake returning as producer, “Could Have Been Us” features tender piano lines, and is enveloped by a rich, gospel-style choir.

While “Achilles” deconstructed our egos, and “Put You Through” challenged us to acknowledge our faults in our pasts, “Could Have Been Us” retreads these heartbreaks one last time, before setting them aflame and bidding them farewell.

About The Artist

Gareth Fernandez is an artist that draws influences from soulful singers like Sam Smith, John Legend, and Adele. He writes about the millennial/Gen Z experience in today’s fluid, confusing virtual insanity.

“Could Have Been Us” is out now on all digital and streaming platforms worldwide.