Dark pop songstress Naomi G upholds feminist virtues on new song 'Prey'

Singapore-based artist Naomi G has released her contemplative pop single Prey in an attempt to reclaim greater tenure as a woman knowing her worth in a relationship. The track, invocative of Banks’ chilling despair on some notes and The Weeknd’s midnight sentiments on others, resolves itself by criticizing structural behaviors that oppress women and upholding virtues that are necessary to curb patriarchal pressures.

As Naomi G puts it, “I wanted to empower young people who are faced with unwanted or unhealthy sexual attention that causes them to psycho-socially feel like Prey. This song is an anthem of power to those who have been gaslighted, dominated, manipulated, harassed and controlled based on their gender and looks. This song is a movement about saying no quickly and firmly, whilst understanding all the microaggressions that be before getting into any kind of deception.”

Prey is a brooding synth-pop jam that begins with motif-roving synths whose presence comes in forcibly and dips out in an exhale after the purposeful exercise of each line. A minimal percussion drives it, morphing into a choppy, playful, and hard-hitting stomper that’s enough to catch listener’s attention.

The resulting musical concoction builds up into a riveting climax where dark pop, trap and hip-hop accents come together seamlessly, complementing pop feminism in its own terms.

Prey is the second single for Naomi G’s debut EP which is scheduled for release over 2021.

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About Naomi G

Alternative and alternating, Naomi G is one of Singapore’s rising Dark Pop songstresses rendering her most symptomatic coming of age experiences, wherever it takes her. The singer / songwriter unblinkingly stays her mind and allows her Freudian Slips to take centre stage. The rhythm that comes of it is a moody downbeat electronica, flavoured with slick notes of Alt-R&B, frothed by ethereal Dream Pop, and enlightened by Soul. At times unsettling, her hypodermic words are indeed a salt to her own melancholia - one that slurs mystique sexuality and breaks down brittle emotions afoot.

She’s radiantly inflamed by the terrestrial experience she is treading through, unafraid of undressing intensity and honesty-owed to herself. Naomi describes her music as a “body-caressingly raw sonic prelude to my own deeper tensions'' and that running them through music is the cathartic shatter she needs to figure them out. Other times it’s all about expressing that untimely and noise-cancellingly loud message that is often contemplative, combative and cynical. The young singer now begins her journey by flirting with themes of balance such as that between innocence and sensuality, relationship and isolation as well as nature and oppression.

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