CHASE THE BEAR / Vancouver, BC

The Band:

Lead vocals, Troy Anthony Gilmore

Guitars: Leo Gilmore and the young prodigy, Jordan Phillips

Bass: Braedan Royer

Drums: Connor Charles Brooks

Keyboards: Kevin "Kevo" Parker

"We play a blend of guitar wailin' rock and roll and pop rock music, in the broadest sense. Something you might think is special is that we rarely stick to one genre. On our album that's coming out in the new year, we have some ballads and some really hard rockers, and influence from jazz, reggae, and many subgenres of rock. What's nice though is it all sounds like the same band. We also write like crazy. Out of the 12 songs on the album, we must have had over 50 songs written between all of us, and 30 of those were arranged for the band. So we chose the best 12 to make the best album we could."

"The finishing of this album is definitely up there. It was the longest recording process we've ever done, and Danny (our producer) kicked our asses to get the best performances possible out of us. The way Troy sings is athletic to say the least, and with the notes he was singing at the velocity he was hitting them, he ran out of steam a few times and was showing up to the studio only to be told to come back the next day. When the studio is over an hour away, that can be incredibly draining, and it happened on his birthday once, too. But when we listened to the mixes, we actually cried because we were so happy and understood why he was pushing us so hard. Totally worth it. Opening for The Trews for a sold-out show at the Commodore Ballroom was an awesome part of our career too. We have Jack Syperek to thank for that."

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