AT ADAU / Borneo, Malaysia

The Band:

Ezra Tekola

At Adau's Sape' player. Playing sape' since 12, received instruction from his father. Ezra play modern sape' which have 6 strings

Luke Wrender

At Adau's second Sape' player, pick up sape' as early as 7 years old, taught by the living legend Mathew Ngau Jau. Luke play traditional sape' tune which only has 4 strings

Jackson Lian Ngau

At Adau's traditional percussionist, which plays the 'perutong' (bamboo zither), gongs, and Bidayuh traditional drum. Also professional in traditional dance called 'ngajat'

Meldrick Bob

At Adau's drummer boy who plays traditional & modern drumsets. Also to be the main role as bandleader

Cedric Riseng

At Adau's guitarist and also play 'jatung utang' the wooden xylophone

Alfanso Mckenzie

At Adau's bassist player

At Adau plays traditional Contemporary World Music from Borneo. At Adau combined the traditional Borneon sounds of Sape' together with traditional drums & percussion and blend with a modern instrument, experiments with a fusion of modern and traditional instruments to create innovative timeless music.

At Adau revives the traditional instrument from a different indigenous tribe in Sarawak, that not many people know how to play it. They play in a traditional way that been thought and pass down from generation, and At Adau mixes it with a modern instrument so that they connect to the younger generation and they start to appreciate the traditional instrument.

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