Berlin based Singer Songwriter Panteon drops new single 'Seven'

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Berlin based singer-songwriter Yvonne Ambrée writes, records and produces all of her music under her moniker Panteon. Creating to connect and inspire, her self-produced single “Seven” is a highly personal experience - reflecting on the consequences of change.

PC: Sebastian Sellner

Filled with soft strokes of electronica and lulling guitar melodies, Panteon’s honeyed lyrical inflections float serenely over the enchanting soundscape. Intimate and nostalgic, the delicate instrumentation drives the narrative forward - ushering listeners into her artistic realm.

Seven is about all the things and situations you leave behind as well as all the things you reintroduce into your life after a drastic change has taken place”, she explains. “It plays with the concept of letting go of certain routines and developing new ones to rediscover that it is possible to move on with a new path - possibly even a better one. I had all of these contrasting situations out of the past months in my head and thought of how life is elevating and tragic at the same time.”

Accompanying the song is a live music video that sees Panteon performing Seven within a relaxed studio setting. The perfect background for the laid-back song, the stunning visuals show her delivering a captivating and honest performance that adds a new layer of emotion and energy to the single.

An accomplished vocalist, songwriter and musician, Yvonne began her musical journey as Panteon in 2018 with her debut EP Travel Log 1. Writing, recording and producing all her music herself, she has rapidly showcased herself as a multi-talented artist, creating a sincere and relatable experience for the listener to lose themselves in.

PC: Sebastian Sellner

Garnering support from Wonderland, Atwood Magazine and PopMatters for her dreamy soundscapes, Panteon is about to embark on the next step in her artistic journey with the release of her upcoming album Open Fire - set for release April 2021.