Anna Katharina drops spunky new single ‘Flames’

By Ranjini Achuthan

Anna Katharina is back with her spunky new single ‘Flames’ from her solo debut album. This is her second release following the subtly wild ‘Freakay’ that was out in August this year.

Tribemama Marykali is the moniker for Anna Katharina Valayil’s artistic avatar. “I address the artist in me in third person and I treat that dimension as a sacred artistic space where I can be my true, uninhibited self. A space devoid of societal judgements, shame or debauchery. Mary as the conventional contributor to societal duties and Kali as the rebellious fierce character who shuts down regressive societal mores, that’s Tribemama Marykali for you.” The singer-songwriter and Electro-pop artist from Kerala has released the second single from her eponymous album.

‘Flames’ is synth pop all the way with Tribemama’s unique vocals histrionics replete with ‘gasps’ and ‘hiccups’ and sweet sounding harmonies that reminds one of MJ-esque passion in overdrive. There is enough funk and groove and a tasteful synth solo by producer Charles Nazareth that could urge one to put on the club shoes and break a leg on the dance floor. Says Anna, “Flames is a reaffirmation and celebration of womanhood, positive body image and a shout out to men who are not intimidated by a woman’s freedom. It’s fun and meant to be danced to.”

The music video for the song has this stylish mother-of-two at her sassy and vibrant best experimenting with the concept of the South Indian yester-year dancer burlesque look with shimmery silver saree, body suit and thigh-high slit skirt thus lending an exuberant air to the character portrayed. The lyrics warranted a woman comfortable in her own skin and basically having fun and that’s exactly what one sees.

The video has a super trippy, dreamy vibe with heavy use of fractal animation along with a retro, disco tone and spirit. The video has been directed by Nikhil Vijayan and produced by House of Tribe Productions.

The singer-songwriter who shot to fame with her song Appangal Embadum from the Malayalam movie, “Ustad Hotel”, navigated a few years working as playback singer and making independent music, performing on TV shows such as the hugely popular Music Mojo and more.

And now with this album that could very well be called a solo debut of sorts, Anna is super psyched about what the future holds. “I have big plans for 2021. Through this album I want to explore and talk about my identity, my roots, where I come from. The upcoming songs will all be a quest unto this cause. The goal is simple; I wish to put out more music, more music videos that everyone can groove and dance to!”