Aabha Hanjura's 'Nundbane' captures the spirit of Kashmir

Aabha Hanjura, a popular Kashmiri folk fusion artist unveiled a new single from her upcoming album, Sound of Kashmir. The single which has been titled 'Nundbane', is a festive song that has its core essence centered on Kashmiri traditions and history. The groovy folk-pop track has been written by renowned Kashmiri poet, Mahmud Gami whose lyrics convey the abstract effects of love and romance.

Nundbane - translates to 'the apple of my eye / my beautiful one' in Kashmiri. In this song , the lady protagonist playfully beckons her paramour to her in a loving, joyful harmony!

This playful, melodious tune is interspersed with rustic elements that are native to the valley of Kashmir to deliver the sound that's become a signature of Aabha Hanjura and her band Sufistication.

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The mood that the song tries to bring alive is the bright, sunlit spring day in Kashmir where nature is at its dazzling best. With chirping birds, dancing rivers, flushing meadows and the gardens of Kashmir in full bloom!

Shot during Aabha’s India tour, earlier this year, in India’s most traditionally vivacious city Jaipur, the music video of Nundbane brings alive the soul of the travelling musician in a city that's equally rich in its striking visual character and rich folk music history!

With Nundbane, Aabha pays ode to the spirit of the joyous, innocent but yet eloquent soul of the Kashmiri youth and their zest for love. Romance intertwined in nature that manifests itself in the form of breath-taking anecdotes that are strung together by amorous, exotic cultural, colourful elements make 'Nundbane' a delightful melody you can't stop humming :)