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WATERWALK RECORDS‘ Ariel Tsai releases uplifting worship song 'MY ALL IN ALL'

Sony Music Philippines recently announced the launch of WATERWALK RECORDS, a music label focused on bringing fresh Christian music to a new, streaming generation. The label will feature faith-based entertainment artists from across not just the Philippines, but throughout Asia, who represent the best of Christian music combined with their own unique styles.

After launching several new songs from artists in the Philippines such as Morissette, Hazel Faith, Nathan Huang, and more, WATERWALK RECORDS is releasing a song from Ariel Tsai, a popular Taiwanese singer-songwriter, pianist, and YouTuber signed under Sony Music Taiwan. Her track, “MY ALL IN ALL,” is a beautiful and heartfelt piano-driven worship song written by Ariel herself.

“I wrote this song this past year during a time where I felt quite lost and uncertain about the future,” says Tsai. “I felt I was holding on to the worldly definition of success and chasing it, just to end up realizing that it could never fill the void in my heart. That was when I came to God and resurrendered myself to Him, and God had let me experience His peace again, the peace that the world could not give. Therefore, I wanted to use this song to record what I felt and experienced—the fact that nothing could ever compare to God, and He is indeed the only one I need.”

Kevin Foo, General Manager of Sony Music Taiwan, was also actively involved in the production of the track. “It is truly a blessing for me, leading the Sony Music Taiwan company, to be working in something I’m deeply passionate in every single day, and that is the music industry. Working with Ariel to produce her release with WATERWALK RECORDS was really an opportunity to dovetail my personal faith, with my passion in music,” says Foo. “It was truly a privilege for me to be able to play a part in this amazing song of worship, a song that reflects Ariel’s journey and her declaration of faith. I hope people will be drawn in to the message of hope in this song, and lives will be impacted.”

MY ALL IN ALL” is out now on all digital music streaming platforms. The official lyric video is also available on Ariel Tsai’s YouTube channel.



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