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Tokyo-based Alt-Pop Starlet, Sarina Shares Pent Up Emotions in new Single, ‘Sometimes I Wanna Cry:('

The Tokyo-based Alternative-Pop Artist, Sarina, returns with a new song, she hopes, will be a new generation pop/punk emo anthem. Through Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Sarina’s newest single titled ‘Sometimes I Wanna Cry :( ‘ will be released on all major digital streaming platforms on 17 February 2023, Friday.

A simple song on pent up emotions and release, ‘Sometimes I Wanna Cry :( ‘ took the internet by storm when Sarina first posted a clip on to Instagram that quickly went viral, garnering over 1.7 million views, and organically growing her account from 13.6k followers, to over 160k within the ensuing weeks. On the back of that success, this will be Sarina’s fourth official single release which takes a vigorous pop-punk melody spin.

Verses stray into reasons of why anyone wants to cry at times. For the good and bad, for the release of pent up emotions, for the comfort of being able to, how we feel about ourselves, the horrible news constantly in our faces and how numb we are to tragedy. The multi-faceted singer/songwriter shows us a new aesthetic with her nostalgic 2010’s emo inspired anthem reminiscent of Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan, about internet overdose, and how so many of our young people experience intense feelings of depression, sadness and apathy. The relatable bop is upbeat, and provides a fun (and self-described unhinged) song to scream along to when all you need is a release of emotional pressure.

Sarina elaborates: ‘Sometimes I Wanna Cry :(’ is a song I originally wrote to vent my frustration. I was having a rough day and felt like I could use a good cry, but I just couldn’t get the tears to come. I ended up writing this song as a sort of cathartic release. Initially, I only wrote the chorus and posted it to Instagram on a whim. A few days later, the video was skyrocketing in views, and everyone suddenly wanted the song released. People found the music relatable and benefited from it the same way I did. As I wrote the song, it grew from a simple cathartic release to be about the way I question my emotions. How everything online is a constant barrage of bad news or reminders that we aren’t enough. Is it really a wonder that so much of this generation struggles with confidence and mental health issues? I’m hoping this song can bind together those who relate. Sometimes we all just want to cry, but at least we can cry together.”

Known to weave compelling narratives with thoughtful and vivid lyrics which are based on her own experiences and candidly expressed real emotion. ‘Sometimes I Wanna Cry :(‘ showcases a refreshing rage in alternative-pop, a good and vigorous shake compared to her recent dreamy alt-pop single, ‘憂鬱な道’ (pronounced as Yuu-utsu na Michi, translated as Melancholy roads).

Fueled by a passion for self-expression, Sarina is an artist who is continuously on the road to discovery and creation, already establishing her own genre-less, borderless musical skills and creativity, which she applies to her own artistic activities. As with all aspects of her music, including the artwork and music video, produced under Sarina's creative direction, the result is a cohesive experience that embodies Sarina's personality on all levels. Currently based in Tokyo, Sarina started out releasing original music on Instagram. Hitting over 2.3 million views with 1 video, her follower count increased from 13.6K to 165K organically within just two weeks after that. Since then, Sarina has been steadily garnering world wide attention from Asia, US and UK as a musician, as well as increased activity as a model and influencer.

Sarina’s next single ‘Melancholy Roads No More’ is slated for release on 17 March 2023, as an answer single to the former single, ‘憂鬱な道’.



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