Chasing Zoe Siddharth to the Moon

Zoe Siddharth didn’t try to rhyme as she claimed back “their favourite song.” Don’t you just love it when singers tactfully forget rhyme schemes?

Have no clue what I’m talking about? Good, another reason for you to go check out Zoe’s new single ‘Chasing.’

The song starts off with a warm, acoustic guitar melody, backed by the bass. A Stage 3 finalist, Zoe’s vocals break a few pitches higher than the bassline melody to offer a beautiful, sunny contrast. In the chorus, we see backup vocals adding layers of beautiful harmonies. Overall, music producer Keshav Dhar really filled our ears with some rich tones.

Zoe tags ‘Chasing’ as Easy-pop, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter. Describing the mood she’s set as chill vibes, melodious & “soft-ballad”.

While we’ve described a very positive melodic structure, the song itself chases a more sadder theme – heartbreak. The protagonist struggles with old memories & token’s from a past lover as she strived to recover.

Blake D’Silva joins her in directing the video to ‘Chasing’ where everything from the colours to the weather is used to portray the central point of the song: You come first.

‘Chasing’ is what cutting into a rich, chocolate brownie with warm fudge drizzle must feel like, we figure. The song starts off with a heartbreak, so we guess that’s only apt.

Go check out ‘Chasing’, available now on all major platforms.